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The installation is very simple! Just open the Atlassian Marketplace and click Get It Now. The app installation will start.

Doctor Pro for Jira will install in the App menu on the top bar of your Jira instance.

For Jira Data Center after installation of an app, you will see Doctor Pro in the upper menu. This menu is visible only for all groups added to Doctor Pro for Jira Access permission. Just after the app is installed by default all groups from Jira System Administrators permission are copied to Doctor Pro for Jira Access permission, you can manage access to this feature in “System -> Global permissions” section.

Once you click on “Apps->Doctor for Jira” the dashboard window will promptly appear. However, immediately after completing a fresh installation, it’s important to note that there will be no report data available. This is a normal occurrence as the app requires some time to gather and analyze data from your Jira instance.


To access the settings, simply navigate to the left side panel and click on the “Settings” option. It’s conveniently placed for easy access, allowing you to configure and personalize your preferences with a few simple clicks.

Within the available options, there are a few useful settings to take note of:

  1. Enable automation: This option allows you to activate automatic report refreshing.
  2. Select interval – when automatic report refreshing is enabled, this option can be set to either daily refreshing or weekly refreshing. This is a period of time when the app will trigger refresh and fetch new data from Jira.

These settings provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to customize the app’s behavior according to your needs. Once you have configured the automation and interval settings, Doctor for Jira will automatically update the reports at the specified intervals without any manual intervention.

Additionally, triggering report generation manually can be beneficial, especially after a fresh installation or when you are aware that there have been significant changes to your Jira instance. This manual trigger ensures that you obtain an updated report as quickly as possible, reflecting the latest data and changes made within Jira.

Report generation is done in background and may take some time due to resource limitations on Atlassian part. On Dasboard page pdf with all reports can be downloaded.

Once reports are generated each report can be refreshed separatelly. Also pdf with single report can be generated at the report page.