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We are excited to introduce Doctor for Jira — the prescription for better Jira Software Cloud data governance! With Doctor for Jira, you can easily maintain a clean and efficient Jira instance, ultimately saving time and resources for the team.

Unlocking the full potential of the Doctor for Jira Marketplace app, you gain deep insights and comprehensive analysis of all Jira Software objects, including custom fields. By evaluating your configuration, it generates a detailed health score report. Take charge of your data governance as the app offers actionable recommendations to administrators, empowering you to remove unused objects and perform essential “housekeeping” tasks. This holistic approach ensures a complete overview of your Jira Software configurations, leading to enhanced long-term operational efficiency and improved system performance.

The health score report provides users with a score on how healthy the configuration is. A misconfiguration can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your team and company. It is crucial to maintain a Jira Software Cloud instance’s overall health score at the highest level and, if possible, an outstanding 100%. To achieve it, just follow the doctor’s recommendations.

The report takes into account various factors, such as the presence of duplicate or unused objects. The outcome is a score that indicates the condition of the configuration, ranging from ‘Poor’ to ‘Excellent.’ If the score is ‘Poor’ and marked in red, you will receive a list of tasks to enhance your Jira configuration. The score ‘Fair,’ marked in yellow, suggests that a few improvements are needed, for example, it could be that the project has not been used for the last 6 months. Conversely, if the result is ‘Excellent’ and marked in green, your Jira configuration is in excellent condition. Additionally, if you have migrated your Jira server or data center instance, the cloud version of Doctor for Jira can assist in tidying up your Jira instance after the migration. It will make your post-migration phase easier and quicker thanks to automatically generated recommendations.

Get started with a free version of the Doctor for Jira app, which includes a complete analysis. Additionally, a pro version is coming soon, which allows for automatic cleanup and enhanced features.

Patrycja Kaczor

Head of Marketing