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Introducing Doctor Pro for JIRA 


We are excited to introduce Doctor Pro for Jira. Say hello to the future of JIRA cleanup like you’ve never seen before! Say hello to the future of JIRA cleanup like you’ve never seen before!

AI-powered Doctor Pro for JIRA is designed to help you manage JIRA data governance.

By harnessing the prowess of Data Mining, AI, and Machine Learning, this app becomes your partner in optimizing Jira’s performance and usability. It’s like having a proactive assistant that anticipates your data governance needs and offers solutions that are finely tuned to your configuration’s uniqueness.

The journey to a cleaner, more efficient Jira environment has never been this exciting. Doctor PRO for JIRA paves the way for enhanced data governance, smarter configuration management, and a streamlined cleanup process.

The power to transform your Jira data governance experience is at your fingertips. Embrace the future with Doctor Pro for JIRA and discover a new era of data governance.

Let’s delve into the key features:

Automated cleanup

Do not waste any more time on manual cleaning. Automation will help you take care of your JIRA environment faster.

All languages supported

Effortlessly identify duplicates expressed in different languages but conveying identical meanings. Say goodbye to language barriers in your multicultural team.

Group object removal

Simplify and streamline your JIRA environment effortlessly by effectively managing and removing redundant or outdated group objects with group object removal.

Easy-to-read usability reports

Lightweight usability reports using percentages to identify JIRA improvements easily. Users can easily understand the report and optimize their workflow accordingly.

Comprehensive configuration health check

Analyze all JIRA objects, including custom fields, issue types, and workflow schemes, to provide users with a detailed report on their JIRA configuration.

Reports for each group of objects

Customized reports for each group of objects, such as custom fields, issue types, and workflow schemes, with recommendations and scores.

Patrycja Kaczor

Head of Marketing